See What A 3D Printer Did For This Disabled Dog

Born August 2013, Derby suffered from a deformity in both his front legs making it impossible for him to run or walk. His former owners in Alabama considered euthanizing him but ended up leaving him at a rescue home in New Hampshire called Peace and Paws Dog Rescue.

That’s where Tara Anderson, director at a 3D printer company called 3D Systems, found and rescued him. Originally, Derby came equipped with wheels to help him get around, albeit rather slowly. Anderson didn’t think this was good enough as he was a “high-energy” dog. With her expertise in 3D printing, she decided to make him a pair of prosthetic legs.

Using a ProJet 5500X printer, which allowed the use of both rigid and flexible materials in the design, Anderson printed out new legs for Derby in a matter of hours. Check out the video for the amazing results.