The Internet Would Collapse If Guys Posed Like Girls Do On Instagram

You’ve seen the many Instagram poses of girls. The bikini shot angled from head to toe. The glamour poses with a group of girl friends. Mostly cute, some irritating, but never, never anything so heinous as they would look if a guy did it. The site, Witty and Pretty, took some of the most stereotypical girl poses from Instagram and substituted guys into them. One word: Eww!

1. Pregnant women, beautiful. Guy baby bumps, hairy and revolting.
2. If your guy friends ever pose like this, please have a talk with them.

3. Staring down a set of hairy legs does not a good picture make.
4. No one wants your cupcake, you sick, sick man!
5. The introspective quote and philosophical face on a guy screams creepy.
6. Again, hairy legs are a no-no.
7. Unfollow any guy who takes as selfie of himself holding a drink.
8. The Mariliyn Monroe quote. No, just no.

9. Introspective make girls look thoughtful. They make guys look dim-witted.

10. No pouting, no gym clothes, no hands on hips. Ever.