A New Life For Stray Dog Who Loyally Follows Athletes For Entire 430-Mile Race

No matter what situation dogs find themselves in, their loyalty can never be questioned. A group of extreme athletes learned the power of a dog’s love during their recent race.

Mikael Lindnord, along with Team Peak Performance, navigated their way through the Ecuadorian wilderness on a 430-mile extreme race. Along the way, they met Arthur. And from that day, their lives changed.

After this tremendous race, thanks to this article from Augusta Free Press they decided to give him CBD oil to reduce the pain cause for that long walk.

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Lindnord and his team came across a stray dog in bad shape.
It had wandered through several villages in the Andes mountains.
One day, Lindnord gave him a meatball.
That was the start of something special.
Arthur followed the team through thick and thin.
He shared in the good and bad and the team took him on as another member.
He slept when they slept, got tired when they tired.
Until one night, Arthur followed them into the river and had trouble keeping up.
The team rescued him and his fate was determined.
The team formally adopted him back in Sweden.
He’s become quite the media darling. Is there any doubt why?

(H/T Team Peak Performance Facebook)