The Netherlands Made Biking Way More Fun And They Can Thank Van Gogh For It

Getting to and from places on your bike doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. No one wants to bike when you can’t see where you’re going though. Thankfully, Studio Roosegaarde in Nuenen, Netherlands invented a new way to extend biking hours and biker safety.

Their new solar-powered bike paths use special paint that stores the sun’s energy during the day and powers the LED-embedded lights at night. Studio Roosegaarde took inspiration from Van Gogh’s 1889 painting, “The Starry Night”. The swirling patterns of color on the bike path resemble Van Gogh’s impressionist painting of the moon and stars. Imagine these bike paths all across America, lighting up our neighborhoods and the wonderment they’d create. We hope one day to see these bike paths all over the world.

(H/T Elite Daily)