Hamster Causes Fire That Destroys House And Kills Family Pets

Who knew tiny hamsters could wreak such havoc? In Bletchley, England, one tiny, cute and cuddly rodent, Pebbles, caused $36,000 worth of damage in a home fire. Even worse, Pebbles perished in the fire along with family dogs, Twiggy and Poppy, AND a chinchilla (no name given).

The fire started when owner Tracey Hill placed Pebbles and his cage on top of an electric cooker to keep him away from the family dogs. Not a bad idea until Pebbles started doing what hamsters do inside their cages, maybe running on the hamster wheel too much? As he did, the cage slowly moved towards the electric cooker knobs, eventually turning them on and setting the electric cooker to heat.

Luckily, Hill and her song, Kae, made it out alive. But for Pebbles and the family pets, they weren’t so fortunate.

(H/T Toronto Sun)