How Soldiers Have Fun While Protecting Their Country

Fighting for freedom can be quite tiring. It can wear on those who serve and often, they need to blow off some steam and let loose. And with these pictures, we see just how they do that.

1. Dropping bombs AND joy on the free world.
2. When your commanding officer is a unicorn, there might be a problem.
3. It’s okay, the enemy was riding a Big Wheel.
4. That donkey gets military benefits just so you know.
5. What Saddam Hussein did to his own people.
6. This German Shepherd can never pull the trigger. Because he has paws you see…
7. The military couldn’t afford the whole T-shirts.
8. The latest in Army battle helmets.
9. A novel way to catch hungry enemies.
10. Literally putting his feet to the fire.
11. That’s what they call a safe landing.
12. Used to be boots on the ground, now its pink Crocs on the ground.
13. They look like brooms, but it’s really invisible bomber technology.
14. Merry Christmas!
15. Where’s air traffic control?
16. The military requires precision and this unit has it.
17. Rifles have dual uses.
18. Taking the fight back to the 1800’s.
19. The military uses human bats on the battlefield now.

Share these pics with someone in the military and see which one they like the most!