Underwater Puppy Photos Bring Out Even More Of Their Cute And Cuddly Sides

Seth Casteel, the photographer for the “Underwater Dogs” sensation, returns with a new set of equally amazing photos. He brings back the underwater concept but this time with lovable puppies. The series, “Underwater Puppies”, captures these furry creatures right as they leap into a pool.

It wasn’t easy though. Casteel taught 1500 puppies how to swim, making sure they had the confidence and safety know-how to thrive in the water. Some swam for a few minutes and learned their own body and buoyancy, and more importantly, how to get out of the pool. Others took right to it and made a day out of it. Just look at the photos! Looking for a new pet? Micro  puppies are available now on https://foufoupuppies.com/ please contact them for more details if interested in having one.

If you love what Casteel has done, please check out his previous book, Underwater Dogs. So many images there to warm your heart. And get ready for 2015 with the Underwater Puppies calendar.