Don’t Look For A School Bus Here. The World’s Most Dangerous Routes To School

In much of the world, parents can rely on the friendly yellow bus to ferry their children to and from school. At most, they might have a 5-10 minute walk to the bus stop where they wait patiently for it to come. In these next photos, you’ll see some students have it much harder.

1. Gulu, China

The kids’ 5-hour journey includes a 1-ft. wide ledge on a mountainside.

2. Zhang Jiawan Village, China

Children make the journey on a rickety, unstable wooden ladder on a vertical mountain.

3. Zanskar, Indian Himalayas

Over ice and through the mountains, children make their way to a boarding school in the Indian Himalayas.

4. Lebak, Indonesia

Students balance themselves on an old suspension bridge with rickety wooden boards.

5. Rio Negro River, Colombia

A steel cable 400 meters in the air hurtles kids 800 meters above the Rio Negro River.

6. Riau, Indonesia

Forget the school bus. These Indonesian children row in canoes to school.

7. India

What looks to be a centuries old tree spans the river with its roots and allows children to cross.

8. Myanmar

A bull takes this young girl to school.

9. Beldanga, India

Tuktuks, or mechanical rickshaws, ferry children to school. The ride can be quite crowded, but they enjoy it.

10. Duijiangyan, China

In Sichuan Province, students risk injury crossing a broken bridge in snowy weather.

11. Pangururan, Indonesia

A wooden boat transports students across the water. The boat’s quite crowded, forcing some to stand on the boat’s roof.

12. Sri Lanka

The walls of a 16th century fort acts as a pathway for these schoolgirls. A single wooden plan spans the empty void between two walls.

13. Kerala, India

Another boat takes students across the river.

14. Delhi, India

An overcrowded horse cart takes these kids back from school.

15. Cilangkap Village, Indonesia

A bamboo raft transports these students. Falling into the water would not be a good start to the day.

16. Pili, China

These children risk injury climbing on the side of the mountains just to go to school. A teacher makes sure they get across.

17. Padang, Indonesia

Single cables give students the only help they have when crossing the river 30 feet below.

18. Rizal Province, Philippines

Rubber tire tubes help kids cross the river in the Philippines. This actually looks fun.

(H/T Bored Panda)