Bullfrog Stabbed And Served Live To Diners. We’ll Pass, Thank You

One restaurant in Japan serves up live bullfrog as a dish and some readers might want to just stop reading here. Asadachi has always come up with weird concoctions.

The restaurant in Tokyo’s ‘Memory Lane’ is known for serving unusual dishes such as soft-shelled turtle, pig testicles, snake liquor, grilled salamander, still-beating frog’s heart and the live bullfrog sashimi…

For this particular dish, the chef stabs the animals, cuts off its head and skins it in front of diners. Even though it’s dead, its legs still twitch and its eyes still blink. According to one Japanese chef Mamie Nishide, from New York’s Japanese Cooking Studio, this isn’t a normal dish.

I just don’t want you to think this is Japanese food that the Japanese enjoy. It’s not. This is bizarre.

The chefs at Asadachi serve it with a side of lemon on top of a plate of ice with soy sauce.

While we don’t judge, it looks like quite the acquired taste.

Video below of the dish’s preparation. Be warned, it’s a bit graphic.

(H/T Daily Mail UK)