Sad Products For Sad People

Companies love to advertise happy images of families, puppies and smiling children running off to school. What if they went the other way? What if they marketed terribly sad products? This is what they’d look like.

Choose your favorite and share it with friends!

1. NOreos. None of the stuffing, none of the fun.
2. Stay Puft Marshmallow Smore. Soon to be a gooey mess.
3. Beets by Dre. Won’t get him rich, but they’ll help him stay regular.
4. Just Ahoy! All the cookie, none of the chocolate chips.
5. Strangle Me Elmo. Suffocates you with love.
6. Misery O’s, not Cheerios. A sad face in every bite.
7. Sad Drake. Cuz Drake is just always sad.
8. Singles Chips. Eat the whole can, you’re not going anywhere this weekend.