These Collages Superimposed Onto Everyday Scenes Will Make You Laugh Wildly

Kalen Hollomon constructs uproarious snippets of life in New York City using only two things: a cutout image from print media and his imagination.

I will find an image in a magazine or a book that speaks to me and I’ll cut it out and have it with me. And I’ll usually have between one and five in a folder in my pocket. And when I’m out in the city I wait until I come across a situation that works with one. And I’ll get super excited and pull it out. It’s just waiting for the two worlds to come together.

Once he finds that right moment, he superimposes the cutout onto reality and photographs it with his iPhone. The photos really are amazing and bring a sly smile to our face.

View more of Hollomon’s work at his site.

(H/T Beautiful Decay)