16 Rescue Dogs Show How Much Love Matters

Neglected dogs lack so much and until they get rescued, they suffer from sores, mangy hair and other maladies their more fortunate brothers and sisters successfully avoid. Thanks to rescue organizations, loving owners, and innumerable volunteers, their love uncovers the beautiful souls of these dogs underneath their less than pristine surfaces when suddenly they start to get all the good food, Pet insurance, and good toys, which is what they deserve.

In order to find the most appropriate time to wean puppies, one must understand the stages of development that a puppy goes through. If you are going to ask your veterinarian’s opinion, he will tell you that you can start weaning your puppy when it is about 4 weeks old. The weaning process may take some time to accomplish and could last until the 8th week.

Puppies stay really close to their mother from birth until the 12th day. They need to keep themselves warm and they cannot hear or see very well at this stage yet. Puppies begin to explore their surroundings from the 13th to the 30th day. Their legs may still be a little wobbly but they can walk already. They start to respond to their sense of smell and taste at this time. It is also the best time to get the puppies used to hearing people talk to them.

In weaning a puppy, you have to teach the rules of the house and take it away from its mother. When the puppy is about 30 days old, you can begin taking it away from its mother and the rest of the litter. You can do it for short time periods and then gradually increasing the length of time everyday. So when the puppy moves to a new home, it will not end up crying all night long. You can getting professional advice for weaning puppies from here.

The mother dog is responsible for weaning the puppies off her milk. But when it comes to weaning them onto regular dog food, it is already your responsibility. As soon as the puppies’ eyes are open and they start to crawl around, you can introduce puppy milk as supplement. The milk can be given a few times everyday. But make sure that they get most of the nourishment from their mother because they need the important proteins in her milk.

When you see the teeth grow in, you can start adding canned food to the milk. Give only small bits at the start, and the food should be very tender and covered in milk. Continue until the puppy is eating more food than milk. The mother will stop feeding her puppies gradually. Until the puppies are completely weaned, you can feed them about four times in a day. You can reduce the number of times you feed the puppies each day as the puppies get older until such time you are feeding the puppy exactly the same way you feed an adult dog.

Here are 16 rescue dogs who received a tremendous amount of love and their transformations as a result.


Rasta was found in Montreal on the streets. Mangy, overgrown hair covered his face. After a good trim and wash, the beautiful lovable pooch underneath was revealed.


Miley was found injured, barely able to walk and in a pile of trash. Look at Miley today. White as snow and happily living with his new family.


Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin and San Antonio took Kenzi in. She had been abused and neglected. Look at her horrible, emaciated frame. With love, she was nurtured back to a strong, vibrant body. Thank you to the rescue team over at Cocker Spaniel Rescue!


Trio Animal Foundation rescued poor Ellen. The hair on her legs weighed two pounds and was ripping away at the roots. Just look at how much they shaved away!


Hope for Paws got a tip that this baby poodle was eating from a trash can. Heartbreaking! They took her in, cut away 10 pounds of hair from her tiny frame and now this adorable one has found a new home and life. So touching!


Hope for Paws came to the rescue again. This time they took in Theo. His owners moved away and just left poor Theo to fend for himself. Horrible, just horrible. Hope for Paws uncovered the beauty underneath, cutting away that darkened clump of hair into a sprightly pooch with so much to give!

Little Betty

Every dog is a new dog with a good trim. The same held true for Little Betty. Her old owners abandoned her, but her new owners love her twice as much!


Poor Woody was left without an owner after they passed away. He was so fearful he wouldn’t let anyone get close to him. Hope for Paws finally helped Woody overcome this fear and rescued him. They discovered he was also blind in one eye. Luckily, Woody found a new home and has reverted to a happy dog.


Natchez-Adams County Humane Society saved Treasure from horrendous neglect. The 2-year old poodle had hair so matted and thick that she couldn’t walk. The humane society took her in and made Treasure beautiful again.


Alana’s owners gave her up to a shelter. With every dog on this list, her hair hadn’t been maintained. The shelter cleaned her up and thankfully, she lives a happy life now.


CARES Community Animal Rescue & Educational Shelter in Florida took Boo in off the road. They found her wet, scared and smelling of urine. Some proper grooming and hygiene revealed the adorable dog underneath. Another dog rescued!


In Mexico, they found Iggy barely alive with a bad eye infection. The community of dog lovers all across the world used the Internet to donate money and get him to the United States for treatment. It worked! Iggy has a spring in his step and is a cute and rambunctious dog.


Vita was found in a Los Angeles junkyard. She was neglected, starving and quite ill. Getting her back to good health wasn’t easy. Her rescuers spent months feeding and putting her back on the road to recovery. With their love though, and dedication, Vita transformed into the strong dog that she used to be.


Cedar’s picture at the time of his rescue breaks our heart. His bones stick out and he’s obviously in severe neglect. The image is so shocking. Luckily, there are those who care. With great love, attention and care, his rescuers nursed him back to tremendous health. Just look at him now!


On the day of her adoption, Olivia still had a joy to her, chewing on her stuffed toy, despite the looks of her malnourished body. One year later, look at Olivia now! Completely unrecognizable and a new person.


When Shrek was found, he was in bad shape. Not just the hair. Sores, wounds, Shrek was suffering. As with all the dogs, a lot of love turned his situation around. Look at Shrek now. It shows what the power of love can do.

We hope this list reminds our community of dog lovers that we have so much to do for the dogs of this world. Let’s keep it going!