Hilarious Truth-In-Advertising If Alcohol Labels Were Honest

Scintillating conversation. Charming men and women laughing flirtatiously. Alcohol ads and commercials make you imagine a classy and refined night out. We all know that’s not the case. If alcohol companies cared about the truth, they would make the following hilarious labels.

1. Night out? More like a night in. Alone. Again.
2. Tequila. The best way to regret the night you wished you didn’t remember.
3. No better way to text your ex than with whiskey.
4. Bottled vomit.
5. Club bathrooms, perfect for making your new best friend.
6. Fireball whiskey. An express train to blackout-ville.
7. When you want to feel bloated AND hungover the next day.

(H/T Reddit)