Whoa, 23 Mistakenly Placed Price Tags Gave These Things The Most Vulgar Meanings

In life, timing is everything. Come too late and you miss out on the last Krispy Kreme doughnut. Come too early and you’ll spend your time waiting for the next batch to come out.

It’s the same with these price tags. If clerks hadn’t put them in the perfect place at the right time, we wouldn’t have the most hilarious and accidentally offensive things for sale. Take a look!

1. We wonder what the attractions are in ‘poo paradise’.
2. Well, they are donuts…
3. No sir, we will not be told what to do.
4. So true.
5. Just, no.
6. Winnie, we hardly knew ya.
7. This would make daily life quite challenging.
8. If you have to ask…
9. Was this also a work of fiction?
10. At least we do it together.
11. Anything to clear up ear infections.
12. Do these work well with #7?
13. So, you’re saying, they have different flavors to an ‘anal fantasy’?
14. If you have to shave babies, we recommend seeing a doctor first.
15. No seriously, how ripe are these avocadoes?
16. Uhh, we’ll pass on this juice.
17. Well, judging by the quilts we get, this could be true.
18. We think they took ‘raincoat’ too literally.
19. Gotta keep everything cool, including the posterior.
20. We’ll try.
21. What’s on Saturday night?
22. What about wipes for the rest of the population?
23. No, just, no.

Which one made you laugh the hardest? Comment below and see what others thought.