When You Read How He Died, It’ll Sicken You. There’s No Place On Earth For This

Nibbles lived until the age of 14 and would’ve lived longer if he didn’t run into the cruelest neighbor in the world. A Kentucky couple, Jim and Kathy Stotts, saw one of their dogs, Bolt, chewing on meat in the backyard. They told the Hardin County (Ky.) News-Enterprise that it “was Canadian bacon that had been cut in half with broken pieces of razorblade stuffed in the straight side.” They were able to quickly remove the meat from Bolt’s mouth without harm.

They searched the rest of the yard and found even more meat wrapped around broken pieces of razor blades and small nails.

It was too late for their beagle, Nibbles. He had already ingested some of the meat which led to a blockage in his stomach. As the Stotts family told WLKY, the next three days were the worst of Nibbles’ life:

He couldn’t eat, couldn’t drink. Every time he tried to drink, he would throw up in the water bowl. He was in agony. Every time he’d lay down and look up at me and crawl towards me, you could tell he was in serious pain.

Eventually, the family had to euthanize Nibbles due to lack of money to pay the vet bills.

The neighbor, Robert Hamme, 60, was arrested on two counts of animal torture. Hamme had previously complained about barking dogs in the neighborhood, including Nibbles.

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