25 People Who Took Selfies During Really Inappropriate Moments

Selfies on the beach or at a party? Good. Selfies during a funeral or accident? Whoa, bad taste. These 25 people might want to reexamine when and where to take selfies.

1. That coffin and those flowers, they’re just so beautiful.
2. Our first reaction would be to panic.
3. It looks like someone needs your help there.
4. Keep drowning while I take this selfie, mmkay?
5. Why?
6. He deserves to be gored.
7. I’m sure her dad doesn’t want to be in this selfie.
8. Selfies in front of forest fires, just, no.
9. To be fair, how often do these masks drop?
10. Even worse, he’s a firefighter.
11. Funerals, not a good time for selfies.
12. Another funeral selfie. Must be a trend.
13. And how did they get a camera into their jail cell?
14. Selfie at the Anne Frank House? Bad.
15. I’m sure this cop likes you even more.
16. “#followme”? Glad to see her priorities are in order.
17. And this is her favorite student, go figure.
18. Hope being detained was worth it.
19. Think of all his Facebook likes though!
20. You should not be doing this if you’re pregnant.
21. These teens want to document their own capture.
22. Did he call for help before or after his selfie?
23. Nevermind the selfie, that hair.
24. This is just odd.
25. Have you not seen a fire before?

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