Trapped In Sadness. Photos Of Depressed Animals Imprisoned In Zoos

Science shows animals held in zoos experience quite the range of terrible emotions from depression to anger leading to psychological disorders. It stems from the isolation away from their natural habitats, no matter how much zoos try to create the perfect environment for them.

German photographer Elias Hassos trained his camera on the animals who live inside zoos for an essay in German Greenpeace Magazine. The results capture the intense solitary world of these creatures. We can’t imagine the everyday lives they go through while trapped in a non-natural world.

Luckily, the tide has begun to turn and awareness for these zoo animals has increased. As Hassos puts it:

It is a very wrong concept to put beings in non-natural rooms, cells, cages, areas, even if some of the animals are threatened with extinction. We should do everything to create and save a planet where animals have enough space and the living conditions they are used to…These days we as a society should really think about how we treat animals. Everybody can see how the animals suffer in a zoo. It cannot be that we find pleasure and amusement at the expense of animals.

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