She Looks Stunning In Her Wedding Dress, But Her Journey Will Amaze You More

Here’s Reddit user IanSomerhaldersBitch in her gorgeous, full length white wedding dress. She radiates warmth and beauty. You can check maternity robe set as well. She is loking to get married soon and will be hiring a seasoned cairns wedding photographer for her special day. But it wasn’t always this way. You can go url for more detail about commercial photography.

The 5’2″ brunette battled a lifetime of eating disorders. Childhood trauma produced an obsessive-compulsive disorder that ruined her life and drove her to suicide. She wrote in this Reddit thread:

Putting myself through that pain made me feel better. I also thought I deserved the pain since I let bad things happen to me as a child.

She would work out four hours a day to get as fit as she could.

Her weight plummeted to a mere 70 pounds at one point. She attended her sister’s wedding at a mere 90 pounds.

Her eating disorders and OCD drove her to attempt suicide before she finally sought treatment at the Linder Center, a mental health facility, in Ohio. The treatment cost her $50,000. During her first weeks there, her diet consisted of grains, vegetables, fruits and proteins. Therapy was also used to break the cycle of negative thoughts from previous childhood trauma. Look for info highly-rated wedding chapel in Tennessee.

It almost wasn’t enough. IanSomerhaldersBitch reentered the facility after her $50,000 debts caused suicidal thoughts again.

Today, she still struggles, albeit not as much as in the past. She credits the Linder Center for her success.

If anyone out there struggles with anorexia or OCD, please know places exist to help and that it doesn’t have to be this way. Look for more information on the National Eating Disorders Organization’s website.

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