Her Camera Reveals A Beautiful, Tiny World And I Want To Escape Inside It

When we look at the world through different eyes, we discover so many new perspectives and experiences. Often, cameras take us to these new places.

Miki Asai from Japan made a fascinating discovery while playing with her macro lens. A single ant and snail made their way through fresh raindrops hanging on blades of grass. And it was gorgeous.

Her patience and focus on this tiny world resulted in these amazing shots. The world of macro photography certainly brings to life stunning images we seldom see.

I am always surprised when I look through the camera’s viewfinder to see things normally unseen, through a macro lens, I am trying to show the beautiful world of the small.

The universe of the small, such as Asai’s ant and snail compositions, or Wil Mijer’s excellent exploration into the tiny world of tropical frogs, broadens our perspectives and bring more beauty into our own tiny world.