Why Red Squirt Guns Will Give These Children A Better Future

These children live in a world quite unlike many other children. Imagine swimming in an ocean like this:


Or looking out onto this serene lake:


Children in Indonesia, where photographers took these pictures, and other Asian countries, struggle with waste management and sustainability. Recycling programs have not entered into many Asian societies as much as other countries.

Coca-Cola imagines a better future. They have launched a new campaign, ‘2nd Lives’, that introduces 16 unique caps. Designs include water guns, pencil sharpeners and paintbrushes.

The company intends to include 40,000 of these specialty caps free with soda purchases in Vietnam. In the future, the program will expand to Thailand and Indonesia.

The designs encourage the recycle and reuse of plastic Coke bottles, and will help save communities from waste that currently litters the oceans and lands.

Let’s share this post and encourage the program to succeed. Helping sustainability in other countries will surely help the world as a whole.