They Uncovered Something Creepy In The Woods. I Would’ve Ran Away If I Saw It

Walking around in the woods can be quite peaceful and meditative. The serenity lulls you to a quiet state of mind. Until you run across odd pipes jutting out of the ground. They may pique your interest, but these friends in Germany went even further and discovered they led to somewhere very, very eerie. A place that would’ve made me run straight home.

1. Some friends saw these pipes jutting out of the ground in Northern Germany.

2. Close by they removed a bunch of dead trees and saw this opening.

3. They pried open the door and carefully walked down the stairs. Here’s the view of the entrance.

4. A long, endless hallway stretched in front.

5. Old, dirty walls on the sides, and a pipe and plastic bag lay on the ground. Someone had been here prior.

6. It was a maze below. Tunnels intersected each other.

7. One intersection led to a dead end.

8. Another one led to a blocked entrance marked with graffiti on the walls.

9. Some tunnels would curve, not exposing what was on the other side.

10. More intersections and worse, no light. The friends did have a flashlight, but was it wise to continue?

11. Another corridor led to somewhere quite scary.

12. They ran into this heavy, yellow door. Someone had pulled it off its hinges. Was it to escape or to hide?

13. A close-up of the heavy door. Strange lettering adorned it.

14. A stenciled sign: “Exit”. Maybe they should go, but now they were too far in.

15. Pipes jutted down from the ceiling.

16. The walls get progressively worse, another heavy door up ahead.

17. A picture looking back shows just how many doors they encounter. Someone did not want to be found.

18. “Hello Satan. I love you” reads the graffiti on the wall. This wasn’t hell, but getting close.

19. So many corridors and no lights. The worse part of all.

20. Massive lead walls, pipes everywhere and a rusty corridor. These friends were quite brave.

21. They encountered a flooded hallway. In the distance, a ladder that leads somewhere no one will know.

22. Look to the left and find a flooded chamber. Imagine what lay beneath all that water.

23. Notice the silhouette of the sitting man. Turn back now!

24. Another flooded hallway. It was time to leave, things were getting too spooky.

25. Through the holes of a wall, they photographed this giant room. Rusted and elaborately designed, it looked like a big machine. Its purpose will never be known.

26. Another view of the broken down machine.

27. Random gloves found in the wall. Were these clues?

28. A random shoe left behind in the mud. Who would leave a shoe unless it was involuntarily.

29. A sign on the floor recommends people to “stay calm”. That was unlikely down here.

30. A hatch of some sort. Whatever was behind that door would not be seen today.

31. Mineral deposits formed into icicle-like designs. It was the last photo they would take down here.

What do you think they discovered? Comment and help uncover the mystery in the woods.