It’s Unbelievable Why This Man Underwent 125 Surgeries. I Still Can’t Get Over It

Justin Jedlica has knowingly undergone 125 cosmetic procedures. They include biceps and triceps implants, brow bone shaves, brow lifts, pec implants and nose jobs naturally. All this so that he can chase the ‘ideal physique’ that he says dolls carry. Yes, he wants to be a human Ken doll.

Jedlica mentions spending $158,000 on these surgeries, saying he’s never bought a car or taken vacations. He admits, occasionally, ‘long-term’ boyfriends will offer ‘Christmas gifts’, such as pec implants. Right, okay then.

Jedlica views what he does as a ‘art form’ and ‘creative outlet’. You too can be an artist, as he also throws in the interesting tidbit that he’s coming out with his own line of muscle implants.

Source: Gawker