She Captured Perfect Beauty In Each Photo, But There’s One Thing You Should Know

Julia Margaret Cameron took up photography a bit later in life at 48 when she got her first camera. She knew about the formal techniques in photo taking, but she wanted a different route. She wanted to add more depth and life to her subjects.

As a result, she used soft focus and added slight movements in her photography. Those techniques gave her pictures striking character and magically gave them life.

Oh, and one more thing. This all happened in 1863. Over 150 years ago. That’s when Julia Margaret Common started her 11 year photography career. She wasn’t well-received then, but photography historians now regard her as one of the most influential photographers of her era.

Cameron photographed many famous people of her day, including Charles Darwin, Ellen Terry, Alfred Lord Tennyson, and Robert Browning among others. Photographs of notable historical figures during this time were rare which adds additional significance to Cameron’s career.

These photos would look right at home in any magazine today. Share these photos if you appreciate Cameron’s amazing talent.