Her GIFs Turn These Old Photos From Strangers Into Weird And Hilarious Scenes

People take so many pictures that they’ll never keep. A ton end up at flea markets and thrift stores, personal memories relegated to dusty bins and shelves. Cari Vander Yacht, an artist out of Amsterdam, bought a bunch of these old photos around her hometown of Portland. She had a problem though; she didn’t know what to do with them. Vander Yacht thought:

At a certain point, one must justify their creepy acquisition of other people’s pasts. Either you make up stories about how you’re related to the people in the pictures or you animate them.

So, she set off to give amusing, new memories to these old photos.

I’d make piles of the ones I thought were funny or had a possibility of funny and then I’d take them home and stare at them until they told me how they should be animated. This mostly manifested as me laughing goofily to myself staring at someone else’s photo.

This turned into her side project, TGIMGIF (Thank God It’s Monday Graphic Interchange Format). Her decision turned into one of the funniest collections of gifs out there. Just look!

These fantastic gifs came from Cari’s Tumblr site where you can find much more.

I could stare at these gifs for a long, long time. If you love her work, share it with a friend today.