This Dragon Doesn’t Breathe Fire, But It Does Need Its Hair Cut Every 3 Weeks

There’s a dragon that walks this land and it lives in the village of Norfolk in England. The 100-foot long and 10-foot tall creature seldom roams beyond its home at Frizzleton Farm. Probably because gardener John Brooker shaped it out of hedges.

Every two to three weeks, Brooker takes about three days to shape the humongous creature. No fancy equipment, just a pair of hedge clippers and a 6-foot tall ladder to reach the dragon’s backside.

You may ask why? Brooker said:

[I was] tired of looking at a straight hedge, to be honest. It was pretty boring after a couple of years. The shape just suggested itself. It was just a completely-straight privet hedge to start with. Then I thought I’d carve some arches in the other end, then a head and it just came from there.

The dragon has taken on a life of its own, growing into tourist attraction in the village.

He said:

I’m totally blown away by the fact that so many people have seen it. My grandchildren said ‘Granddad’s gone viral, that’s pretty cool’. That’s the sort of reaction I’ve been getting all the time.

I’m totally bemused by it. To me, it’s just a job to do in the garden.

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