Fleeting And Majestic 3D Beach Landscapes That Disappear With High Tide

Skate ramps that rise out of the sand. Sailboats that appear to cruise not in the sea, but through the shore. You can find some of these 3D amazing images on the Matakana Island in New Zealand. A group of artists, Jamie Harkins, Constanza Nightingale and David Rendu, combined to form 3DSD. Using only a rake and stick, they construct magical 3D scenes that stop beachgoers in their tracks with their lifelike qualities.

Each tableau lasts until the next wave that washes it out. And from there, the two painters and one sculptor start anew. It quite resembles the sand mandalas of the Tibetan monks. These monks spend days creating intricate designs and when completed, they pray and sweep the sand away. They do so to remind us and themselves of the impermanence of life. 3DSD say the same:

The artworks provide an acute awareness of time and acts as a metaphor for the brevity of life.

Go over to 3DSD’s Facebook page and see more pictures and learn more about the group.

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