They Jazz Up Their Travel Photos When They Get Legos To Stand-In For Them

Viewing other people’s travel photos can be somewhat boring at times. For Craig McCartney and Lindsey Haggerty, out of Scotland, they brought a unique perspective to their travels from behind the eyes of two adorable Legos figures. Craig explained:

I made two Lego figures to represent [me and Lindsey], and that was the first gift I gave Lindsey when we were in Paris for her 30th [birthday]. When we were out sightseeing, we took a few pictures of Lego ‘us,’ with the main tourist sights in the background and joked about making a Facebook page.

They started their Facebook page, Lego Travellers, to document their journeys everywhere from Australia to Portugal. All along the way, their Legos figures stand-in for Craig and Lindsey and provide friends and family a joyful, humorous look at life on the road.

1. Loch Awe, Scotland
2. Girraween National Park, Queensland, Australia
3. Geelong, Victoria, Australia
4. Elliston, South Australia
5. Copenhagen, Denmark
6. Burleigh Heads National Park, Queensland, Australia
7. Blue Mountains, New South Wales
8. Bells Beach, Torquay, Victoria, Australia
9. Albufeira, Portugal
10. Adelaide, South Australia

And if you’re asking, what do the real Craig and Lindsey look like?

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