New Parents Need To Learn These Hilarious Do’s and Don’ts for Babies

You just brought home your new bundle of joy. Perhaps you’re a bit nervous how to care for this baby. Fear not, let these gut-busting pictographs guide you to raising a healthy, happy newborn.

1. Make sure they teethe right.
2. How to have fun playing games with them.
3. There’s only one person who should nurse your newborn.
4. It’s important you calm them the right way.
5. Give them proper intellectual stimulation.
6. Help them grow a big, bright smile.
7. One-on-one time is important.
8. Putting the newborn to bed.
9. There’s definitely a right way to clear their nose.
10. Do this to introduce them to pets.
11. Don’t babyproof the house the wrong way.
12. Car safety is paramount for newborn.
13. Make sure their diapers are clean.
14. …And that their bottles are warm.
15. Feeding them the right way helps them grow big and strong.
16. And of course, don’t let them get cold.

These were taken from David Sopp’s book, Safe Baby Handling Tips. You’ll find more funny, helpful tips inside.

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