You Know It’s Gonna Be A Hot Summer When These 11 Things Happen

Summer has arrived and that means scorching weather. You’ll know you’re in for a change of shirts if any of these happen.

1. When bulldogs find the ever-elusive ice mattress.
2. When horses decide spending the afternoon in dirty water isn’t too bad.
3. When koala bears stop bikers and ask for a sip of water.
4. When plastic cups look like they’re sighing.
5. When squirrels give up looking for nuts.
6. When traffic cones stop directing traffic and take a nap instead.
7. When birds catch a break under beach umbrellas.
8. When fans become flower petals.
9. When kittens relax under the car.
10. When moose find anywhere cool to plant their feet, even if it’s in a foot of water.
11. When raccoons spend the afternoon soaking it up.

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