Amazon Sells Everything, But These Are The Weirdest Things You’ll Find

Sure, you could go to Amazon for Kindles, soap and books. But we looked high and low through Amazon’s nooks and crannies for the weirdest and oddball stuff in their inventory. Here’s what we found.

1. The Daddy Saddle helps break in new daddies and keeps the old ones in line.

2. Men have a good reason to wash thoroughly with the Weener Kleener.

3. Canned unicorn meat. Just a bit better than Spam. But only by a little.

4. If you put this dog dinosaur costume on Fido, don’t ever expect him to fetch. Like, ever.

5. Every car needs an underpants dispenser. Keep it in the glove compartment right next to your dignity.

6. Don’t let the zombies see you eat zombie jerky during the zombie apocalypse. They’ll really resent you then.

7. Nicolas Cage pillowcases. A dream to some. A nightmare to others.

8. Why would anyone need 55 gallons of lube? Wait, we don’t want to hear the reason.

9. Save calories and replace real toast with 6″ inflatable toast.

10. Irony. Learning about childhood development from a Sigmund Freud action figure for kids.

These would be perfect joke gifts for someone. Share this list with a friend and get them in on the joke.