16 Of The Simplest, But Costliest, Mistakes Ever Made. I Can’t Even

Have you ever lost millions in a second? Be thankful that you haven’t. These people made a mistake in judgment for a brief moment, and they lost big time. Introducing the Hall of Fame club for costliest mistakes ever.

1. Tiger Woods cheated on his then-wife Elin Nordegren. The divorce settlement ended up costing him $750 million. That’s a lot of Gatorade.
2. Captain Edward Smith steered the Titanic into an iceberg, sinking the $7.5 million ship. Most devastatingly, many lives were lost.
3. In England, an elderly lady won the $181 million Euromillions lottery. Except her husband threw the ticket away. It’s the only time a wife has wished her husband didn’t take out the trash.
4. NASA used the metric system to build an orbiter, while Lockheed Systems used the English system. Data couldn’t be transferred, and a $125 million orbiter was lost in space forever.
5. Immediately on takeoff, faulty equipment doomed a B-2 stealth bomber. America’s most expensive plane at $1.2 billion crashed and was destroyed. Again, $1.2 billion.
6. A hunter lit a signal flare, triggering the biggest fire in California history. 300,000 acres destroyed, 2,322 homes lost and 14 people killed. Cost: $1.2 billion.
7. Rupert Murdoch meet Tiger Woods. Murdoch’s indiscretions with Wendi Deng led to a $1.7 billion divorce settlement with his then-wife, Anna. Hope it was worth it.
8. A chamber filled with water used to cool uranium at Three Mile Island, malfunctioned and burst, in the worst nuclear accident in America. Cost: $836.9 million in 1978 (about $2.8b today)
9. In 1994, a worker forgot to screw a safety valve back on the Piper Bravo Oil Rig. Gas leaked out leading to a huge explosion, killing 167 people and $3.4 billion in repairs.
10. An oil tanker, Prestige, sank in 1992 off the coast of Spain. 300,000 birds died and the accident cost $5.7 billion in repairs and clean up.
11. Captain Hazelwood crashes the Exxon Valdez. He was accused of being drunk at the time, and his alleged behavior cost $4.4 billion in clean up and repairs.
12. Weak sealant brought down the Challenger space shuttle in 1986. The government spent $5.5 billion building it. More devastatingly, seven lives were lost in the explosion.
13. In 2003, just 6 minutes away from landing, space shuttle Columbia took a hole in one of its wings. The $13 billion shuttle crashed and killed all seven members on board.
14. Regulators turn a blind eye to warnings that a tsunami would destroy the Fukushima Nuclear Plant in Japan. A tsunami struck in 2011, killing over 15,000 and costing $12 billion to shut down the plant.
15. A BP oil rig burst and almost 5 million barrels of oil spilled into the gulf, the largest spill in history. It cost BP nearly $40 billion.
16. In 1986, faulty reactors at Chernobyl malfunction, explode and burn down the reactor. Cost: $358 billion for the land value and clean-up, or $720 billion in inflation-adjusted dollars.

Disasters can be avoided so easily, if we just had better judgment. Sharing this post might help others remember the same.