If You Get Any Of These Tramp Stamp Tattoos, You Might Want To Rethink Your Life

Tramp stamps can be classy or trashy. These collection of unfortunate souls chose a third option: bizarre. Inscribing “Ronald Reagan 1911 – 2004” on your back seems short-sighted. What if you decide to switch to political parties?

1. Only 5 cents for a ride, what a deal.
2. “F*ckin’ Classy”. Not if you stamp this on your back it isn’t.
3. Ok, this is just creepy.
4. Is this ironic? What cut of meat does this girl think she is?
5. Those handlebars look hard to grab.
6. Not sure if this is her astrological sign or a thought-provoking statement.
7. You get a history lesson too!
8. If you didn’t know this by now…
9. Well, that’s a rather unique butterfly.
10. Directions are always helpful.
11. This might be too deep for anyone who’s reading that.
12. Hope Ray Romano isn’t reading this.
13. Can someone break a twenty?
14. No one wants to stare at Spiderman back there.
15. Again, this would be odd to look at.
16. “Can I read your back?”
17. This crack definitely kills. The mood.

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