Amazing Photos Of The World’s Diet. Wow, You Have To Read About The Indian One

Travel the world and gaze upon the diets of everyone from Tibetan monks to Maasai herders in Kenya. Photographer Peter Menzel and his wife, Faith D’Aluisio, crossed the globe to 30 countries and documented the average diet of each country’s people.

I want people to understand their own diets better — and their own chemistry and their own biology and make better decisions for themselves.

They’ve collected the photographs in their book, What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets. Each photograph talks about the person’s diet and the cultural context. For example, Millie Mitra of India drinks her own urine as part of ‘shivambu’, a practice of cleansing and curing. Deelish!

Saleh Abdul Fadlallah, camel broker from Egypt, 40-years old. Caloric intake of 3,200 kcals consisting of eggs with butter, potato chips, feta cheese, fava beans, country bread, soup, rice, black tea, etc.
Noolkisaruni Tarakuai, wife of a Maasai chief in Kenya, 38-years old. Takes in 800 cals. made up of maize and milk.
Cao Xiaoli, professional acrobat, 16-years old. A diet of yogurt, egg, broth, pork ribs, noodles and green tea. Average intake: 1,700 calories.
Felipe Adams, paralyzed Iraq war veteran from Inglewood, California, 30-years old. Diet consists of oatmeal, yogurt, chicken sandwich, chicken breast and some supplements from, adding up to 2,100 cals.
Ansis Sauka, a voice teacher, musician and composer, 36-years old. A 3,900 calorie diet made of egg, chicken, rye bread with ham, potato with mayonnaise, cheese and butter, and cookies.
Head monk, Tibetan Plateau, 45-years old. A whopping 4,900 calorie diet. He consumes butter tea, dried cheese curds, noodle soup with potato, barley flour cake, etc.
Curtis Newcomer, a U.S. Army soldier, 20-years old. Lunch consists of MREs (meals ready to eat). They include oatmeal and cheese and veggie omelets.

Such great food! Share these photos to your world-traveling friends.

Source: Peter Menzel Photography