Haunting 100th Anniversary WWI Then And Now Pics Of Europe

2014 marks the 100th anniversary of World War I that centered on Europe for over four years. Nine million casualties occurred making it one of the deadliest wars in history.

As part of the anniversary, photographer Peter Macdiarmid took pictures of places in modern-day Europe and overlaid them with photos from WWI of the exact same place. The results show how much history took place on the streets of Europe, and how much, or little, has changed.

Verdun, France, 1916. A lone French soldier walks through the ruins of a German bombing.
March 1917. The Royal Garrison Artillery of the British Army carry duckboards across the frozen Somme canal.
Roye, Somme, France. 1917. Soldiers wait outside a damaged, but not totally destroyed, railway station.
Basilica of Notre-Dame de Brebieres in Albert, France. The Virgin Mary statue on top of the belfry in this 1915 photo lays damaged on its side.
November, 1914. Trafalgar Square London. Street kids dress up as soldiers in paper hats and canes made to look like guns before a crowd of onlookers.
This 1915 photo shows the destruction from multiple attacks on Less Halles in the town of Ypres, Belgium.
Men wait outside Scotland Yard in response to a request for munition workers.
The town hall and belfry in Arras, France are seen destroyed in this undated photo.
An attack engulfs Rheims Cathedral in Rheims, France, in a dark, thick cloud of smoke.
Crowds in Paris overturned and destroyed these German planes at Place de la Concorde.
In this 1914 photo, German soldiers sit outside Vareddes Town Hall, France, during the First Battle of Marne. This marked the culmination of the German advance into France.
March 1915. 4th King’s Own Royal Lancers Regiment head into Tonbridge, England.

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Source: PBS