New York Has the Ball Drop. These States Drop Something Much Better.

One million people will gather in Times Square tonight to watch the ball drop, 150 million Americans will watch it on tv, and over a billion will watch or read about it. In the following cities, they couldn’t care less. They have their own New Year’s Eve drops.

Prescott, Arizona lowers an illuminated and flashing 6 ft. boot from a 7 story fire ladder.
In Atlanta, an 800-lb fiberglass and foam peach takes 58 seconds to travel 14 stories down to ring in the new year.
Folks in Port Clinton, Ohio, celebrate 2014 with a 600-lb, 20 foot long papier mache fish.
Brasstown, North Carolina drops a live possum in a plastic box. PETA tried to block it this year, but a judge overruled them.
Alabamians and out-of-towners will flock to Mobile, Alabama, to watch a 600-lb electronic MoonPie drop 34 stories in 60 seconds.
Partiers in Plymouth, Wisconsin, the home of cheese, will countdown the new year and watch a metal block of cheese descend 10 stories.

Source: LA Times