He Sends His Students Letters But With A Twist. Wish My Teacher Did The Same!

Imagine going back in time to talk to your teenage self. What would they say? Maybe they’d tell you about a crush on the boy or girl in the front of the class, worries about getting into college or all the good times they had with friends.

Bruce Farrer from Canada helped students do just that, but in reverse. Throughout his career, the now-retired 72-year old has his students write letters to their future selves. After 20 years, Mr. Farrer would mail these letters back to his students. Many waited with anticipation.

Students like DJ Anardi. His letter started off with “Hey you good-looking guy, how is your life?” It went on to talk about he wanted to go to college, have 3-4 children and play football. Oh, and a crush on a girl named Erin. Well, Anardi built a career at the steel mill and now has two boys. With a girl named Erin, his wife and mother of his children.

Sometimes, letters don’t make it back. Mr. Farrer has dealt with students who’ve passed away from suicides, car accidents and sickness. Only in these cases will Mr. Farrer open these letters and read them. It helps him decide whether delivering the letter will comfort the student’s family or just worsen the pain.

Asked to explain his motivations, Mr. Farrer put it this way

I think our society now is a society of non-commitment. We say we’re going to do something, whether it’s in a marriage, or with our kids or maybe even with our organizations we join, and some little thing ticks us off and we think ‘Enough of that, I’m walking out.’ … I think it’s important to have a sense of commitment, and maybe in a minor way, the kids see I value that.

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Source: National Post