Skydiver Comes Inches From Death After Meteorite Buzzes Past Him

Anders Helstrup jumped out a plane in the summer of 2012 in his wing suit.

Not in his wildest dreams did he expect what happened next. During the drop down, Helstrup felt something happening, but wasn’t sure what.

At the time, Helstrup wore two cameras from different angles to record his jump. He rewatched the video and saw an object passing only feet away.

Taking the video to meteor experts, all agreed a meteorite hurled towards Helstrup. “It can’t be anything else. The shape is typical of meteorites – a fresh fracture surface on one side, while the other side is rounded,” said geologist Hans Amundsen.

The experts studied the meteorite’s path and narrowed down a search area. The rough terrain, which includes forests and marshes, makes finding any signs of the meteorite quite difficult. No one’s giving up though, especially when you consider that finding any part of the meteorite can fetch thousands of dollars.

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