World’s Newest And Most Incredible Buildings. You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

Architizer, an online architecture resource, presented their 2nd Annual A+ Awards winners for the world’s newest and most amazing buildings. Categories ranged from museums and bars to memorials. Two sets of winners were included for each category: a popular one from online votes and a jury/industry award voted by architecture-related judges.

These are some of the most impressive winners.

BEST AIRPORT (Jury/Popular): Bao’an International Airport, China, Studio Fuksas and Knippers Helbig
BEST ART GALLERY (Jury) : McGee Art Pavilion School of Art & Design, New York, ikon.5 architects
BEST ART GALLERY (Popular): Bombay Arts Society, India, SANJAY PURI ARCHITECTS
BEST BAR & NIGHTCLUB (Jury): Prahan Hotel, Melbourne, Techne Architects
BEST BAR & NIGHTCLUB (Popular): BIBOSS LTD, Bulgaria, mode
BEST BUS & TRAM STATION (Popular/Jury): Fovam ter Szent Gellert ter metrostations, Budapest, sporaarchitects
BEST GOVERNMENT BUILDING (Jury): Columbia Building, Portland, Skylab Architecture
BEST GOVERNMENT BUILDING (Popular): Cineteca Nacional Siglo XXI, Mexico, Rojkind Arquitectos
BEST HOTEL & RESORT (Jury): Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel, Iceland, Minarc
BEST HOTEL & RESORT (Popular): Baan Suan Mook Resort, Thailand, SOOK ARCHITECTS
BEST K-12 SCHOOL (Popular/Jury): Marcel Sembat high school, France, archi5
BEST LANDSCAPE & PAVILION (Jury): Lune De Sang Sheds, Australia, CHROFI
BEST LANDSCAPE & PAVILION (Popular): Seljord Watchtowere, Norway, Rintala Eggertsson Archit
BEST LIBRARY (Popular/Jury): Ninos Conarte, Mexio, Anagrama
BEST MEMORIAL (Jury): Parallel Lives, Mexico, archdifusion
BEST MEMORIAL (Popular): National September 11 Memorial, New York, Handel Architects
BEST MUSEUM (Jury): Danish National Maritime Museum, Denmark, Bjarke Ingels Group
BEST MUSEUM (Popular): MAR, Brazil, Bernardes Arquitetura
BEST OFFICE HIGH RISE (Jury): Al Bahr Towers, Abu Dhabi, Aedas Architects
BEST OFFICE INTERIOR (Jury): LYCS Architecture Office Design, China, LYCS Architecture
BEST OFFICE INTERIOR (Popular): Heavybit Industries, San Francisco, IwamotoScott Architecture
BEST OFFICE LOW RISE (Jury): Huaxin Business Center, Shanghai, Scenic Architecture
BEST OFFICE LOW RISE (Popular): Arctia Headquarters, Finland, k2s
BEST OFFICE MID RISE: 72 Screens, India, Sanjay Puri Archit
BEST POP-UP (Jury): Pop Up Habitat, Beijing, People’s Architecture Office
BEST POP-UP (Popular): Hublot Pop-up Store, Singapore, Asylum Creative Pte Ltd
BEST RELIGIOUS (Jury): Abbey of St. Maurice, Switzerland, savioz fabrizzi architecte
BEST RELIGIOUS (Popular): Autobahn Church, Germany, schneider+schumacher
BEST RESIDENTIAL HIGH RISE (Jury): One Madison, New York, CetraRuddy
BEST RESIDENTIAL HIGH RISE (Popular): Cayan Tower, Dubai, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
BEST RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR (Jury): The Times Transplantation Building, Japan, nano Architects
BEST RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR (Popular): Casa 103, Portugal, ultramarino
BEST RESIDENTIAL LOW RISE (Jury): Soft House, Germany, Kennedy & Violich Architecture
BEST RESIDENTIAL LOW RISE (Popular): TREVOX 223, Mexico, CRAFT Arquitectos
BEST RESIDENTIAL MID RISE (Jury/Popular): 142 Park St, Melbourne, Brenchley Architects
BEST RESTAURANT (Jury/Popular) : L’angolino, Japan, GENETO
BEST RETAIL (Jury): Sokol Blosser Winery Tasting Room, Oregon, Allied Works Architecture
BEST RETAIL (Popular): Fuel Station + McDonalds, Georgia, Khmaladze Architects
BEST SINGLE FAMILY HOME 1000-3000 sq ft (Jury): Two Hulls House, Canada, MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects
BEST SINGLE FAMILY HOME < 1000 sq ft (Jury): Hut on Sleds, New Zealand, Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects
BEST SINGLE FAMILY HOME < 1000 sq ft (Popular): Portable Home ÁPH80, Madrid, ABATON Architects
BEST SINGLE FAMILY HOME > 3000 sq ft (Jury): Villa Kogelhof, Netherlands, Paul de Ruiter Architects
BEST SPORT AREA (Jury): Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium, Denmark, Bjarke Ingels Group
BEST SPORT AREA (Popular): Elevated Sports Court at Lasalle Franciscanas School, Spain, J1 Arquitectos
BEST THEATER (Jury): Kilden Performing Arts Centre, Norway, ALA Architects
BEST THEATER (Popular): Heydar Aliyev Center, Azerbaijan, Zaha Hadid Architects
BEST WORKSPACE (Jury): Red Bull Office, New York, INABA Inc.

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Source: Architizer