Act Of Kindness Gives Couple First Wedding Anniversary In 14 Years. I’m Touched!

Wedding anniversaries mark a time for celebration. For some, tough times can mean no celebration at all. With an act of charity, Redditor ‘Need2throw’ gave one couple their first anniversary in 14 years. It’s one these two will remember forever.

1. Charrolette and Ken are a homeless couple in Seattle’s Tent City. In 14 years, they never had the means for a proper anniversary celebration. Need2throw put some money together, bought Ken a new suit and Charrolette a new dress. His girlfriend did Charrolette’s makeup.

2. They then reserved the couple a night at the Sorrento Hotel in Seattle, one of the most highly regarded hotels in the area. Need2throw put a few hundred dollars on their tab for food and wine. When the front desk attendant heard their story, they were immediately upgraded to an amazing suite.

3. Next, it was off to The Grill from Ipanema, a very classy Brazilian steakhouse in Seattle for a huge buffet dinner. Charrolette and Ken said they hadn’t eaten like that in years. The staff let them take out some huge to-go boxes as well.

4. Charrolette and Ken insisted on taking this light-hearted picture. Living in Tent City made it tough to travel anywhere. They hadn’t ever explored Seattle like this before.

5. They finished up at The Great Wheel, a huge ferris wheel with wonderful views of Seattle’s Space Needle. They had heard so much about this attraction and finally got to visit. Their smiles said so much about what this night meant.

Charitable acts create hope for people. Whether it’s a night on the town, some change or food, one act of giving can make someone’s life much better.

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Source: Reddit