What Mystery Awaits. Explore China’s Lost City Buried Beneath Water

An 1,800-year old metropolis in China has been submerged in water since the 1950’s. The cold depths in the Qiandao Lake have kept this once-thriving city perfectly preserved. A trip back in time awaits those willing to venture to its dark depths.

‘Lion City’, or ‘Shicheng’ in Mandarin, lies below the picturesque Qiandao Lake in China.
Before it was buried beneath the water, ‘Lion City’ had six main stone streets that were used to connect every corner of the city.
It had five city gates, each with a tower.
Intricate carvings of the ‘Lion City’ mark the former metropolis.
The deep waters have left the wooden beams and stairs intact.
Discovered in 2001, archaeologists found 265 arches in the preserved ruins.
It’s a perfectly preserved snapshot back in time.

Imagine our coastal cities submerged like this. San Francisco and its cable cars deep in the sea. Or New York and Times Square frozen in time.