Cross Country Skier Finishes Race With Surprising Help From His Competition

Russia’s Anton Gafarov was in danger of being forced to quit in the finals of the men’s cross country skiing sprint because of a badly damaged ski. However, thanks to the kindness of Canadian coach Justin Wadsworth, who ran onto the course to  replace his broken ski, he managed to cross the finish line. Here’s what happened.

Halfway through the race, Russian Anton Gafarov crashed.
His left ski was damaged because of it.
He couldn’t take his weight off the broken ski so he tried in vain to finish the race with only his poles.
This lead to another crash.
Which caused his ski to break in half.
Dejected, it looked like he’d have to give up.
Then something amazing happened. Canadian Coach Justin Wadsworth ran to his aid with a replacement ski.
He even put it on for him as Anton looked on in amazement.
As Gafarov made it to the final stretch, he was met with applause.
And even though he finished almost three minutes behind the leaders, he was met with even more aplpause as he crossed the finish line.

Asked why he would run onto the course to help a competitor,Justin Wadsworth answered,

“It was like watching an animal stuck in a trap. You can’t just sit there and do nothing about it. … I wanted him to have dignity as he crossed the finish line.”

Hopefully Gafarov treats Wadsworth to a beer afterward. But it’d probably make more sense if Wadsworth buys considering there’s a beer fridge in Sochi that dispenses free beer to anyone with a Canadian passport.

Source: Business Insider, Toronto Star, HuffPo