900-Year Old Viking Code Cracked. It Reveals A Universal Truth Understood Even Today

For years, these 11th or 12th-century Viking inscriptions have baffled researchers. No one could crack the Viking rune alphabet known as Jötunvillu. Recently though, K. Jonas Nordby, a runologist doing his PhD research, finally figured it out.

It turns out that you had to replace the rune character with the last letter of the sound it produced. So the rune for “f”, which was pronounced like “fe”, represented an “e”.

The mysterious inscription on this stick above hid one mystery message: ‘Kiss me’. The purest expression of love unveiled. No great ancient secret, no directions to hidden treasures. Only the most innocent of delights.

It turns out that coding and decoding these messages was a leisurely pastime. Codes, such as ‘interpret these runes’, were inscribed as a game for readers to code and decode.

Source: Mediievalists.net