They Have So Much Fun With Their Toy Cars. It’s More Than Just That Though

“I have a lot of kids that aren’t invited to birthday parties. Ever.

Friends are hard to make when you’re not mobile.

Over half a million young American children under five have mobility problems. One man set out to bring that number down. Dr. Cole Galloway, a physical therapy professor and infant behavior expert, has developed ways to modify children’s power wheel toys into mobility-assistance devices, or ‘ride on cars’.

Children who suffer from mobility issues due to conditions like cerebral palsy and Down syndrome, have to rely on braces or other devices. This creates an “exploration gap”. Basically, children with mobility issues cannot explore the world as much as typical children. As a result, they cannot have the typical experiences for individual development that other children have.

Modifications on the cars also force children to work on the physical aspect of their mobility issue. For example, Dr. Galloway placed switches on one car that forces the child to stand up and operate it. This allows the child to work on strengthening their legs, so that crutches aren’t as necessary.

The true benefit is the socialization of these children. As one parent puts it:

…not only can he keep with the friends, but sometimes the friends have to keep up with him. It  puts him in a place of being the leader, instead of being the follower.

Source: Nation Swell