Half-Man, Half-Machine, One Step Closer To Reality. That’s Not The Whole Story Though

Dennis Aabo Sørensen lost his left hand 9 years ago from a fireworks accident. In 2013, he took part in a clinical trial that measured a prosthetic hand’s ability to send signals back to the nerves. It worked. Sørensen described the first sensation in his hand in 9 years:

Suddenly you could see my left hand was talking to my brain again and it was magic. It was surreal. I grabbed the object in my hand and knew it was round. It was a baseball.

Silvestro Micera, professor at  Ècole Polytechnique Fédéral De Lausanne, in Switzerland, was one of the researchers and said:

The idea was to translate the language of the prosthetic into an electrical signal the central nervous system could understand. So when the hand grasped an object the signals were recorded and translated into stimulation of the electrodes, creating the sense of touch.

The next step, Micera says, will be conducting long terms studies. It could be years before these become a reality.

The real story though, imagine touching and feeling a spouse’s face for the first time, the tiny fingers and grasp of a child’s hand. Just wonderful.

Source: USA Today