Gay Viral Marriage Proposal Reconnects Ex-Classmates. Who They Are Will Surprise You

David Devora and Lucas Bane, a gay couple from Los Angeles, put up their wedding proposal video last month. People loved the choreographed dancing straight from the movie Step Up. It even included Briana Evigan, one of the stars from Step Up 2.

But that’s not the whole story.

A bully from Lucas Bane’s high school saw the video and sent him a message on Facebook. In it, he acknowledges he was “a bit of a a**hole back then”.

Bane did respond, mentioned that he remembered the bully, and said:

The anonymous (to us) bully, “B’, messaged back, thanking Bane for his forgiveness and stating the 30-year old “B” is a lot different than the 18-year old one.

Bane told the Gaily Grind:

This former classmate was part of a larger group of guys who ’caused me some distress. The kind of clique that motivates you to succeed and prove that you’re worthy of being accepted.’

This video turned one joyous moment into two, not only showing two people in love, but also showing that people can change for the better.

Source: The Gaily Grind