Chinese New Year Celebrated With Horse Fights. These Photos Brings Me To Tears

America celebrates the New Year with fireworks, food and fun. The Chinese do the same. Oh, and for some villages, they add in horse fighting.

This 500-year old tradition supposedly began to settle a dispute between two brothers who hoped to marry the same woman. It’s now held in small villages in Southern China throughout the year for prizes up to $1,600, almost three-quarters of the average yearly salary there.

The tournaments peak at the start of the Lunar New Year, which recently passed days ago. The event has special importance this year as it’s the Year of the Horse.

This event took place in Tiantou, a remote village in the Guangxi region.
Members of the Miao minority group dress as spirits as part of the traditional New Year events.
The stallions are encouraged to fight by the presence of a female horse, who is kept meters away by a villager armed with little more than a stick.
Horses jump into the air, spinning their front hooves and crashing them down on their opponents.
They also bite each others’ heads and necks, sometimes drawing hair and blood. The horse which successfully defends its position close to the female is declared the winner.
A champion’s prize of about $80 was offered for this tournament. As one horse owner said, ‘If I win, people will think of me as a horse king, and it’s also good for attracting women.’

Source: PBS