Scary Look Inside China’s Internet Addiction Center For Children. It’s Chilling

An epidemic has attacked China. It’s taking over their children’s minds. Turning them into cruel, heartless kids, immune to their parent’s wishes to study hard.

An epidemic called the Internet.

In 2008, China declared Internet addiction to be a clinical disorder. One that required treatment at gulag-type facilities. Minus the forced labor. (That we know of). Was this a serious health crisis or a means to suppress free thought? You decide.

In the meantime, tour the inside of the Internet Addiction Treatment Center in Daxing, a suburb of Beijing. It’s quite the experience.

The center houses children in very basic quarters.
It almost resembles a jail.
Children don’t come on their own. This child’s dad told him they were seeing a doctor. He was locked up instead.
This parent gave her child sleeping pills and took him to the center.
Directors wake up the children early in the morning by shining lights in their eyes.
Treatment costs at least $1300 a month, 10 times the average Chinese salary, and lasts 3-4 months. It includes military drills…
And antidepressants, antipsychotics, and a variety of other pills.
They also encourage parents to attend therapy sessions.
It’s questionable who benefits more: the children…
Or others.

Source: this site.