15 Crazy Things You Can Only Find At Chinese Walmarts

In America, Walmart is more a discount retailer selling everyday household items like clothes, rugs, bananas and paint. In China, Walmart is more a worldwide market where customers can buy everything under the sun. This includes items like frogs, crocodiles and pig faces. Here are some of the 15 strangest things you only see at a Chinese Walmart.

Crocodiles. Pre-stuffed with an orange, obviously.
Bulk rice. Is this BYOB? Bring your own bag?
Mixed meats. Gives a whole new meaning to mystery meat.
Orange juice combined with cooking oil. What? You haven’t tried them together? You’re missing out.
Turtles and frogs. Serving double duty as pets and food.
Walmart brand spirits. Only $1?!
An entire bin of ribcages Can never get enough of those.
Assorted dried reptile parts. Saves you the hassle of drying them yourself.
Boxes of liquor. Alright, this isn’t that odd. It’s pretty sweet, actually.
More frogs. You can never get enough frogs.
Chopsticks. Everywhere.
Ducks. A staple of every diet.
Great value brand beef granules. Way better the not-so-great value brand pig granules.
Pig faces. Make your own hot dogs.
Antibacterial bikini underwear for men. Admittedly, a very niche market.

Thus proves what one culture views as normal, another sees as entirely weird.

Source: Imgur