I’m In Awe. They Look Like Surfers, But It’s Actually Much More Than That

The ocean can be described in so many ways. Powerful. Calming. Fun. Mind-blowing. All those words come to mind watching this video shot by Eric Sterman.

His overhead view of the Pipeline on Oahu’s North Shore captures surfers navigating the world famous waves. There’s a great beauty in watching the sheer vastness of the ocean compared to the size of the surfers.

How Sterman managed to film these aerial shots is just as interesting. Sterman flew miniature drones above the waves to film this astonishing video. These drones and their onboard cameras open up a whole new world for us to explore.

Just as space exploration gave us a view into the universe, these tiny machines will help us see our lands in a new way. It’s exciting to think how much this will advance the human race.

Source: Eric Sterman Instagram