Stranger Talks Him Out Of Suicide 6 Years Ago. Internet Helps Reunite Them

Six years ago in England, Jonny Benjamin was ready to jump off the Waterloo Bridge into the River Thames. Benjamin, a schizophrenic, wanted to end his own life.

A compassionate passerby persuaded him not to jump. Benjamin listened, and the mystery man saved his life.

Six years passed. Benjamin was eager to thank the man, but didn’t know his name or his info.

So he began the #FindMike campaign, in conjunction with the Rethink Mental Illness charity organization. Benjamin didn’t know the mystery man’s name, so went with the name ‘Mike’.

The campaign went viral. Even celebrities like Stephen Fry, Kate Nash and Boy George tweeted their support.

And through the glorious internet, Johnny Benjamin found his kind-hearted angel. Neil Laybourn from Surrey. Hearing the story, Laybourn immediately knew he was the mystery man.

The two men reunited this past Tuesday.

Johnny was overcome with emotion:

I feel like I’ve won the lottery – I’m totally elated. It means the world to me to finally have the opportunity to say thank you.

That day on the bridge my life hit rock bottom, but meeting Neil, I felt so happy, it couldn’t be more of a contrast. It’s as though I’ve come full circle and that chapter of my life has now closed. He’s such a warm, genuine person – everyone should have a friend like Neil.

Neil understated his role, saying:

When we met, it was clear how much that encounter on the bridge meant to Jonny, he told me it was a pivotal moment in his life – which was great to hear.

I didn’t feel it was that big a deal, I did what anyone would do. I wasn’t trying to fix his problems that day, I just listened. I can honestly say, hand on heart that Jonny is one of the nicest people I have ever met, he’s a great bloke and it’s brilliant to see him smiling again. We’ll definitely stay in touch.

Just the simple act of listening can save a person’s life.

Source: Metro UK